Sunday, 21 November 2010

No Fear Here

Every time you switch on your television or pick up a newspaper, you are bombarded with stories that are written to stimulate fear and worry. People in the world are continually frightened of crime, the recession and rumours of imminent disaster. Fear has a paralysing effect. It stops people moving forward with their lives. It causes them to lose sleep, and will affect their health if left unchecked.

I heard someone once define fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” In other words the fear of something is often much worse than the thing itself as people magnify the problem out of all proportion. Fear sells newspapers and even gets people elected to high office. But fear is not the way that God’s people should live.

The Bible says “For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.” (2 Timothy 1:7 HCSB) That means that we do not have to live in fear, because fear is not from God. We have “sound judgement”, or a “sound mind.” We can see situations through God’s eyes and in the light of His promises and not fear. If you are in fear then confess this truth over your own life three times a day. Take God’s word like medicine to your soul. Remember that He IS your provider. He IS your healer. He IS your strong tower. Refuse to live in fear instead give your worries and your fears to him and start enjoying your life.

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  1. How true. Fear is a strong destructive force which takes root in our lives if we allow it. When I worked in debt advice we were constantly approached by journalists for stories and "facts". I always tried to tell them about how we had helped people save their homes or jobs but it soon became apparent that they didn't want good news. They wanted to know about evictions and divorces or even suicides. They wanted to breed fear. Paul said in Philippians 4:8 Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable—if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise—dwell on these things. It is not positive thinking but concentrating on the positive. Perfect love drives out fear. Jesus is perfect love and is still the only answer to the world's problems.