Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Not Ashamed

I watched a brilliant documentary on the BBC the other night, with Ian Hislop telling the story of "the do-gooders," or those folks who changed the face of British society for the better. People like William Wilberforce who spent a lifetime pursuing the abolition of slavery( among other noble causes) out of a strong faith in Jesus Christ and a belief in a society based on the Christian values of fairness and equality.

These days with the rise of aggressive and militant atheism in our country, and people like, the increasingly ludicrous, Richard Dawkins, peddling his intolerance and hatred, Christians can feel like keeping their head down rather than confront this half baked nonsense. While we still have rights we need to stand up and be counted for what and who we believe in.

Today has been designated "Not Ashamed Day" across the UK as Christians from a number of denominations stand up against discrimination by those who would seek to banish Christianity from public life. I really hope that it does not end with today, and that Christians everywhere will wear the symbols of their faith and unashamedly tell people that "Jesus IS Lord."


  1. In a few years' time Mr. Dawkins wil be "raging against the dying of the light".

    Then he'll be dead, like Nietzche.

    By the way, why are Christians "not ashamed", whilst gays have their "pride"?

    Something wrong here, surely?

    What's all this rubbish about profiles when you comment? This will put off a lot of computer illiterates from commenting.

  2. I too loved the Ian Hislop programme-very inspiring

  3. Good point Rove108. My guess would be that the campaign is quoting Romans 1:16, plus Christians do like to stay away from the word "pride." :)

    Well done for working out how to post.