Saturday, 19 October 2013

A New Spring in Wakefield

I am very excited to announce that from tomorrow (October 20th 2013) The King's Church - Wakefield will be known as NewSpring Church and will be meeting in our new facility in Ossett, West Yorkshire. It is the end of one era for our church and the start of an exciting new adventure.

Planted and founded in the city in the mid 1980's under the apostleship of Keri Jones the church was established in it's formative years by Andrew Owen. Since that time there have been other leaders and some significant changes in personnel, but there remains a core group of people who have been part of the church from it's early days, and who are as committed to the vision and the task ahead as they have ever been.  In the last eighteen months we have seen people saved and added to the church, as well as other, more mature Christians, coming to be a part of what God is clearly doing among us. This next phase, in which we finally move into a home of our own, promises to be the most fruitful time we have ever had. Already we have been well received by other Christians in the area who see our moving as significant in the purposes of God (as we do). We have clearly seen the hand of God's blessing as he has opened doors and graciously provided all that we have needed to move forward, and I passionately believe that greater things are still to come.

If you are in our area, please feel free to come and visit us. Details of our new location and meeting times can be found at, or follow our progress on twitter @NewSpringWF

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