Friday, 14 February 2014

The Evolution Delusion

As I sat down with my breakfast cereal to watch the BBC news one morning in May 2009, it soon became apparent that I had  switched on my TV to one of the most momentous events in human history. Before me, on my screen, was a smiling Sir David Attenborough (right) standing beside a large fossil which had been affectionately named "Ida"  by the man who had discovered her in a quarry in Germany. Barely able to contain his excitement, Sir David exclaimed that "finally, we have in front of us the missing link." A moment that evolutionists had long been awaiting, this was concrete evidence of the fact that mankind had indeed evolved from apes, and in honour of their hero they had given Ida the latin title Darwinius.

Only a matter of weeks later, I came across a much smaller article on a news website that stated that the much heralded Ida was in fact nothing more than the remains of an ancient Lemur, and not the missing link after all. I think I must have missed the BBC news doing their follow up interview with Sir David on this huge disappointment. I was keen to hear his humble apology to all of us for making such a bold proclamation without actually properly investigating the evidence. Sadly, I am still waiting.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Walking it through or walking away?

A few months ago I met with a old church friend whom I have known for many years. I was having a coffee at his house when he pulled out a photo album filled with pictures of people who we both knew from years past. As we began to reminisce and go through the "where are they now?" routine, it was quite sad to realise that although there were some who had moved on in the purposes of God for their lives, many others had walked away from their church family with unresolved issues, bitterness and bad feeling. Some had gone to other churches without ever attempting to deal with the past, and tragically,  a proportion of the people were no longer walking with God at all.

It is my belief that there are no issues that cannot be walked through and resolved biblically if there is a humility and grace on both sides and a determination not to settle for less than God's best. Jesus gave his disciples a clear instruction to love one another and a clear pattern of how to walk things through and deal with issues. However, the inability or unwillingness of many Christians to deal with offences and differences in a loving and biblical way leads to a division and fragmentation that surely grieves the heart of God. So many people would rather hold unto their hurt and bitterness at the expense of losing a friend, brother or sister. Their own pride standing in the way of peace and unity in the church, and ultimately costing them dearly in their own lives and relationships.

With all this in mind, here are some keys from God's word on resolving issues and staying in peace and harmony with our brothers and sisters.